All the Wonderful Sites I Command You to See.

Here's all the awesome comics I read! Go check 'em out, huh?

8-Bit Theater This is the one that started it all! Seriously, I started Trials in the Light after reading some archives. Hilarious stuff...
Zebra Girl One of my very favourites. Excellent art, incredible story... Just go read it already!
Black Tapestries Another of my favourites, especially with how much story there is. Be forewarned, though, it can get rather violent. Yaaay, blood'n'guts!
Dr. McNinja If you don't love this comic, there's something fundamentally wrong with you. He's a doctor... And a ninja!
Tales of Pylea Go... Go see it. It's too good to miss. It's short, but aweswome.
Darken Every D&D player's dream comic...
Elvenbaath Oddly enough, this really has nothing to do with bathing elves... But it's good anyway.
Nahst: Lands of Strife Another long-running one. Pretty freakin' good, man.
Pointless The art in this just rocks...
Ctrl+Alt+Del God, so hilarious... Go read it, and enjoy it.
Penny Arcade Ah, Penny Arcade... It's like real life, only funnier.
La Ardilla! An absolutely hilarious comic drawn by my good friend, LAF. Unfortunately, there's no telling when it'll update...
Shifters Another long one, this time with werewolves, vampires, and hybrids.
Twelve Dragons So good! The ideas, the artwork, the hot chicks... 'Nuff said.
Mindmistress See, you can be too smart. And Lorelei proves it.
El Goonish Shive After reading this, you will feel confused. 'Tis normal.
Antiseptic Poetry Rather new, but also excellently drawn and written.

Gotta love deviantART. Or not, you pick.

LAF Go see her artwork, she's really incredible. And more than slightly scary...
More LAF More of LAF's stuff. More scary. Enjoy.
...And some more LAF! This... I don't know what to say about this.
How many accounts can one person have?! LAF's fourth account, for those who weren't counting...
Inshue Well, here's my account, if you wanna see it. Go read Monster while you're there.
More Inshue This is for those of you who ae on Sheezy Art and not dA. Have fun.
Zoe Stead Zoe is... incredible. Read her comics, and enjoy as much as I know you will.
Bleedman Another absolutely awesome artist (yay, alliteration!). More comics to read, too.
Raksha666 Wow. Just... wow. Check this out.

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